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British Virgin Islands


These Islands are full of calm bays and harbors. The waters we swim in are 6 different shades of turquoise and blue. Enjoy two swims a day from our private, spacious yacht, refuel with freshly prepared meals, and be gently rocked to sleep. Tomorrow we'll sail to your next special swim.

The british virgin islands have given us so much. it's time for us to give back. click here to find out how you can help.


The British Virgin Islands

We are so excited to return to the BVI this spring following their recovery from a powerful hurricane season. We have no doubts the islands will be better than ever. We hope you'll join us in April for what promises to be a special week of swimming.



Swimming from the Big Island is an experience in Pacific greens and blues. Turtles and dolphins guide us along thriving coral reefs as we enjoy two swims a day, refuel with cuisine from local ingredients, and rejuvenate with relaxing massage. Walk along beaches of white and black sand, and immerse in a rich sea-going culture. Rest and relax in our private, beach front Polynesian style home. Feel the Aloha.



lycean way

Swim along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and take a trip through time. Three different civilizations have cruised these crystal clear waters, and the history is impossible to miss. Explore undersea ruins, and dive through rock arches where fresh water springs pour into the sea. Climb back aboard our private, spacious Gulet - a traditional sailing vessel and enjoy fresh figs for a snack. Lounge on the luxurious deck while we move to your next historical swim. Merhaba, Turkey.


the Mediterranean

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming trips to this location!

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Whether you are part of a Masters group or just have a bunch of people you love to swim with, we can help you create a custom experience for you and your swim friends. You pick the location and the date. We'll do the rest.


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