This is not a good first blog post.

Back into the salty sea!!!

Back into the salty sea!!!

I can’t lie: We kind of limped into this one. Miriam missed her flight, Zack nearly missed his, my flight was canceled requiring a rental car and a spontaneous drive to another airport, and an overnight in Fort Lauderdale that meant I wouldn’t get in till about 2 hour before our guests arrived. Then, the spliterator bag was lost in transit. As Hopper says, sometimes travel isn’t travel. Sometimes it’s not getting off the ground, or taking twice as long to get to the destination. Scraping by with what you end up with.

I felt behind the 8 ball for the 120 minutes I had on the boat before go time - but wow, our crew! Such good work they did before I got here. Thank you Team!


Ok. Another thing I’m not going to lie about: I am beat. I’d love to really crush the first blog of this trip, but I’ve been running to get here for two days and then hit the ground running and then hit the water running and I think we’ll all be better off if I hit my cozy little berth.

Before I go though, a word about our souls on board. Our crew this week is our old friend and current Greece captain Skipper Richie Rome, borrowed from Princess Lulu (Thank you Lulu!), our Saucy Chef Miriam, the inestimable Zack, fellow long time guide David Barra and new guide Dave Bright (two DBs….we haven’t sorted that out yet), and me. Our guests are half new and half old familiar faces. Susan, John & Frances and Patty Barba from our alumni pals, and newbies Allie, Carol, Celine and Robert. More about each of them soon, but know this: they’re an awesome group who immediately fell into easy conversation and laughter, and charged head long into a windy first swim.


That’s it. I’m putting up some pics and calling it. But between this crew and these guests and the offerings that await here in the Abaco Islands, I think we are in for a great week.

I promise I’ll do better tomorrow!


- Heather