Intermission, lost in transit.

Heather here, one last time on turn around day. Saturdays in between charters are hectic with the in-betweenies. Last night I marinated in the moments and new friends from last week. Today is goodbyes and a million errands and having the boat cleaned, trashing it with provisions and cleaning it up again. Today’s errands brought us into town on dusty streets in the blazing sun, into markets, a laundry room, two conch fritter joints and an airport for guides who didn’t quite make it….

The travel limps continue a bit, as my fellow guides for next week, Hopper and Simon, are lost in transit.

Not lost, really. They’re in Fort Lauderdale. Just like the splitterator was. Just like I was, one week ago. Lauderdale, why can’t we quit you?

Hop and Simon, we miss you tonight. We are eating leftovers in our trashed yacht salon, doing crossword puzzles and laughing and feet up after a long hot day and wishing you were here.

See you in the morning! We’ll get cleaned up and get you up to speed before the next batch comes aboard, we promise.

Tomorrow, to sea!

- Heather