Tuesday Surf & Turf.

Woke to big thunder and lightening and a mocking message from Richie saying “Are you scared?” (see last week’s blog post for the backstory). And then, the rain.


It rained

And rained

and rained.


The deluge.

The rain gave us a slow start, and required a slight shift in our position that meant Alina’s Greek training continued as she swam the stern line in the downpour. She was a trooper.


We hung around on board until a break in the weather, and then we took Myssie for a swim in Skinos Bay. Poor Kelly is fighting a cold and rainy Tuesday was not the day to push it.


We swam and chatted and Myssie faced her fear of swimming over deep water. We celebrated with fantastic lunch and a short trip around the corner into Vathy town, where we spent the gray, slightly rainy afternoon meandering the streets, popping into shops and planning our attack on dinner.


Dinner was a bunch of amazing plates centered around the goal of the meal - anchovies for Alina and Kelly - fried and marinated, respectively.

We demolished everything on the table. A little more shopping, a late night bakery visit to finish off the night with wine and a bit of sweet.

The weather will move out slowly in the morning, and so will we. How wonderful to have a Greek sea side town to catch us as the wind blew us around today.

Kali Nikta