Fantastic Friday.

A full and fantastic Friday. We had a deep water swim to ruins of an old windmill, and a swim along a white rocky shore to the ruins of an old chapel. Greece is rotten with lovely old places like these. Both of our ladies tried their balance at the stand up paddle board, and it’s possible we sprinted the last 50 yards of our Ionian swimming adventures in the nude. Right in the middle of the day. When in Greece….

We enjoyed a sail for the ages. Skipper piloted us with aplomb into the fuel dock and then into port in 20 knot winds. You’d never have known. Lulu expertly trained Alina and I to handle the fenders and lines and we made adequate crew!

Our day ended with fantastic dinner, dessert and a slideshow of our week. How did it go so fast?

Here, some postcards from our Friday.

Sunrise in Port Lyon.

Sunrise in Port Lyon.


And THANK YOU Myssie for taking so many pictures of ME this week!


The stunning sights of Kalamos Island as we sailed to our final swim.

Myssie and Kelly gave the SUP a go.

Myssie’s hair can SAIL!

Myssie’s hair can SAIL!


Alina, thank you for your skill, wisdom, work and company this week. And thank you for eating enough to satisfy Lulu. You took a little of the feeding pressure off of me!

Lulu and Richie, what can I say? I can’t imagine this without you. Lucky me, I don’t have to.

Myssie and Kelly, I hope you remember how strong and beautiful you both are in the water. Swimming is for life. Keep going.



PS. Lulu, for two weeks of your unparalleled coffee service, I’ll love you forever.

PPS. We three are enjoying a little R&R in our apartment in Lefkada before flying home tomorrow. We are welcoming cats, eating gyros in bed in our jammies and enjoying each other. These times together in a faraway place like home are sacred to me. What a lucky Mermaid I am.