Beach 69


20150515-GOPR6155 The beaches along the Kona and Kohala coasts are numbered as well as named, but Beach 69 is most commonly referred to numerically. It's a great little unassuming place, a pocket beach with soft sand and evergreen trees providing shade in just the right places. This place saved our butts in 2013 and 14 when there was a big swell down south. We drove up here every day to find flat water, turtles, and a relaxed beach vibe.  Today was no different. We lingered after doing 1, 2, or 3 laps of a triangular course in the bay. The chocolate and toffee covered macadamia nuts came out, my nemesis. I worked hard to stick to bananas and granola bars. I failed.











Heather and I grabbed salads to go back at the Hale, as we had work to do, including visits to other rental properties. 2015 has showed us that it's best to have backup plans. You's be surprised to find how difficult it is to find the perfect 5 bedroom, well appointed, upscale oceanfront property with swimming access and close to town with a pool and hot tub.

By this point in the trip, time has sped up. Heather and I rush around our local swimming holes, checking out the conditions for our late afternoon swim. Magic Sands looks like the best option, and soon we're plunging in with our guests. The swell was up a little, making for some dramatic scenes on the shore. I always enjoy being out to sea, past the break, feeling the power of the waves pass me before releasing the rest of their energy on the coast.



After sashimi pupus,  dinner began with a salad that had more ingredients than I can remember but I do know that the grilled heart of palm in it was fantastic, and I could have just had the salad. But then a pan seared Ono showed up with melted leeks and mushrooms and a saffron Israeli couscous. Yikes. Lisa poured and poured the fine wines. Suffering was at a minimum.





Being our last night of SwimVacation, Heather produced her photo slideshow. Watching it, I couldn't believe how much stuff we did this week. I ate some triple chocolate mousse cake to help jog my memory. Then some more. The photos from this week are really outstanding. Our guests will get the best ones in a fancy photo book in a few months. I hope they come back to swim with us again.


















Heather and I had talked prior to this trip about how Hawaii is just a baby island - requiring equal parts surrender and attention. On this, my third experience here, I finally gave over to this place. Some surfing helped. Great guests up for anything helped. But mostly I think I opened up fully to the call of Hawaii this week. It will be hard to leave. But somehow, it helps to just know it's out here - turtles swimming, plumeria blooming, people diving in to this Pacific and giving over to it while I'm gone.

We'll be back! Aloha.