Benure's Bay


_HPP9083 Breakfast these days on SwimVacation is a casual affair. We used to do a full-blown monstrous bacon-laden meal after our swim, but it was getting to the point where we were just eating and swimming for the entire week. So now we put out yogurt, granola, fruit, bagels, etc. Now most guests eat a little before the first swim of the dsy, and a little after.

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We woke to bright sun and yup a little wind in White Bay on Peter Island. Kicked off the morning activities with some light yoga on the boat - a perfect pres-swim warm up. Wildlife sightings of note during today's swims: Spotted Eagle and Southern Rays, baby hawksbill turtle, a nurse not-a-shark, squid, flamingo tongues. Heather took some video of our guests strokes for later analysis. Our morning swim was epic-ish; some wind and surge, lots of fish and coral.

Chad pulled the anchor and we drifted over to Norman Island. Our intent was to head to the Caves on the opposite side, but instead we pulled in Benures bay. The edge of the bay was ringed with the craziest turquoise water. Some guest went scuba diving, some read, some napped or ate. Guide Heather took guide Will and I for our first scuba dive ever. Here are 2 guys who have tried everything on the surface of the water; swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, SUP, yachting. But never scuba. We loved it. A whole new perspective. Heather is a great instructor.

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We welcomed friends like family Kerry and Bazza who have chartered so many of our BVI SwimVacations. Kerry is mother to Captain Chad and crew member Chris, and someone we love to be with on Promenade and in the water. Heather attacked with a loving splash.

A quick evening swim happened where guide Heather swam the group over a great reef, stopping occasionally to point out the wildlife. I was guest chef tonight; Caesar salad with chicken and shrimp. No one complained. Phew.

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It was guest Mike's birthday! He got a birthday cake in the shape of our yacht, the Promenade. A brief dance party and some skinny dipping ensued. Not a meh day by any stretch.

- Hopper.