Day 5: True Blue Waters


Hopper here. We swam the Baths today, a geologic/oceanic wonder on Virgin Gorda. It was an out-and-backswim, meandering through the massive boulders strewn in a crazy jumble along the shore. I have done this swim enough times now to remember the most fun routes without getting stuck in a dead-end, and I get a kick out of leading clients through the tight spaces. The turnaround point was one of my favorite places in the world; a white sand beach with super clear turquoise water. After the swim we hiked through the same boulder formation, but on land. Heather got some great photos here.

Our group this week is a hard-swimming, fun-loving bunch. I am once again reminded how great it is to have a job where I meet my clients for the first time, then live on a boat with them for a week. This has allowed me, Heather, and Fitzy and to meet really fabulous people, and get to know them very well.

The SwimVacation guides are sharing deckhand duties this week; dishes, helping to sail the boat, meal setup, general boat tidiness, etc. This has deepened my admiration of the Promenade and its crew, and has made me detest any dish in which cheese and the oven is involved (due to the fact that we have to scrape it from the pans afterward). The boat performs its job so well for us, and Rich and Lisa perform their jobs with incredible hard work and grace, even at 6’4”, 275 pounds (that’s Rich, not Lisa).

Happy AAAARRGH tonight at Marina Cay, then off to Guana Island tomorrow for our last day.

- Hopper