Day 6


I’m blogging again, blissfully (Alison). This morning might have been my favorite swim! We’re moored at Norman Island - the most southerly tip of the BVI. We set off to the rocky craggy point - the view was humbling, making me feel both small and insignificant, yet also so alive and embraced by the water, sky and powerful Earth. The swells were crashing on the cliffside, and all the colors of the water were visible - blues, turquoise, grey, frothy white. We managed a group photo despite the swell, and everyone later concurred that it was a moment in which we felt bonded, accomplished. We then set out around the bay to the opposite point. The fish and marine life were unlike anywhere else on the trip, so abundant. I saw 3 turtles, one was feeding off the rocks and allowed me to hover within inches (!!); he peered at me sideways before returning to the kelp on the rocks. We passed the caves in the cliffside and rounded the other point to admire many a yacht in the neighboring bay. The fish were mesmerizing - I even ran right into Nancy! Remember to look up sometimes! Heather pointed out two squids - translucent, beautiful. I caught one squirting its ink. Back at the caves, we swung on the roots hanging from above. I tried to get back for another view of the southerly tip into the Atlantic but had to turn back when the current became too strong. I was reassured to see Will next to me, corralling me back to calmer waters! The guides have kept us safe this trip, making sure we’re not in

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over our heads, pacing our selves, and stopping to enjoy the scenery. We also worked on the stroke advice given by Will yesterday - felt funny but easier by the end of the swim.

After sailing to Peter Island, we fit in a run before lunch, while others napped or snorkeled. I love being with other overly-active folks! The Island Resort was on the opposite side of the hill - we climbed a hot and breezeless road to a stunning view of reefs, resorts, palm trees (transplanted, btw) and the Rolex regatta. Breathtaking (or maybe breathless, given the steep hill).

Back on the boat, we planned an April 1st joke :-) Just before afternoon swim, while the guides were planning the course, we hid their caps/goggles/suits, slipped into the water and swam ashore. We hid in the bushes, waiting for Fitzy, Heather and Will to notice. When we saw them on deck, bewildered, we emerged yelling “April Fools” and gave them quite a surprise (10 blindingly white surprises, that is!).

The evening swim was White Bay off Peter - we saw a couple of huge Eagle Rays, a hatchery with small fish, and a baby turtle, even some sting rays. The chop grew as we reached the rocky point, we had to be careful to avoid the reef! I swam out with Fitzy and then back again with Will. We raced back to catch the others; whew, I was exhausted during the last sprint of trip, thank goodness! Kerry had nachos and cocktails ready when we got back. The food had been great all trip - even Kerry’s accommodation for this vegetarian!

We sailed back to Tortola before dinner and the slide shows. What a treat and GREAT cap to the trip, so memorable. Kerry and Heather put together slideshows, and we all realized how far we’d come and how much we enjoyed each others company. This trip has been pure happiness and I don’t want it to end!! We enjoyed a last meal together, reviewing our swims and adventures, laughing into the night. Thank you, Swim Vacation, for the trip of a lifetime for this SwimLikeAGirl.

- Alison