Friday Flying


DCIM100GOPROGOPR1355. White Bay, Peter Island. Blue skies, green island, blue water, white boat. Yellow banana smoothies. Tiny red fish. Green turtle grass.

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I sense that all of us are trying to slow time down a little on this, our last day. We dawdle, linger over breakfast, fiddle longer with our goggles. Our morning swim brought us northeast along the coast of Peter Island. We’re all in a good rhythm now, with guests and guides falling into place during our swims. After a week of ocean swimming, the choppy conditions at our turnaround point don’t bother us. Some of swam about 2 miles, others closer to 1 mile, but everyone really dug in.


I made several batches of banana smoothies that disappeared quickly. Books were read. Some splashing around. Our two young crew Kieran and Michele scrubbed the Promenade’s sides from our dinghy. Naps occurred. There was lots of bacon on our delicious lunch salad.  There was a big remora under Promenade that kept trying to attach itself to anyone diving beneath the surface. There was also a baby remora that followed guest Marianne around for a good portion of the day. She complained but I think she secretly thought he was cute and enjoyed his company. These are the things I remember.

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A casual evening swim, Heather did more swimmer portraits and flew the drone. Lots of soapy showers on the stern, rum punch, and our first sail of the trip, back to Road Harbor. Our slide show was especially good this trip, and our guests will get some amazing photos in their inbox soon, followed by a photo book. What a relaxed group this has been, a real pleasure to spend the week with.

This concludes our 16th SwimVacation aboard Promenade in the BVI. It's hard to believe we've spent a total of about 4 months down here. That must be why it always feels like home.

- Hopper (and a little bit Heather)


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