Full Friday


DCIM100GOPROHow full can one Friday be? _HPP2010Start with yoga on the bow of a private yacht in the Caribbean. Make an epic swim, eat a great lunch, explore underwater caves, reach the southern most point of the British Virgin Islands, enjoy cocktails under sail, review slideshows of your amazing week of ocean adventures.

Ok - a few details…Today we made an epic swim we have only done once before on SwimVacation. We swam from White Bay, Peter Island all the way to the corner of The Bight on Norman Island. It's a total of 3.8 miles. We formed two packs and regrouped every 15 minutes. Bazza followed us with Promenade, and Dave and Martin jumped in for the last half mile, making a strong finish for everyone. It was a steady effort, and everyone hit the boat elated. I'm so proud of this group of swimmers.


Of course, then we were starving. Gina made us a potato salad that really required that one swim nearly 4 miles in advance of eating it. Check. Then to our mooring for the afternoon in Privateer Bay. I couldn't actually believe it when I gingerly offered and afternoon swim and everyone said YES.

Great! Some swam to the caves to explore, but most of us swam to Angelfish Reef, which is basically the end of the archipelago. We took it slow, stopped to see fish and reef life. Chatted along the way. It was easy and just for the love of being in the water. Just before leaving, I grabbed the camera and jumped in with Alison, Robin and Heather for an impromptu photo session. Beautiful results.


_HPP0963 _HPP1005

We all cleaned up (I finally washed my hair for the first time in a week…so silky smooth!) and got ready for dinner, while Bazza set us off on the long sail back to St. Thomas. As I sat below editing for the evening's slide show, I could hear our guests up on deck, laughing and being easy with each other, as if they've known each other for years. This group got tight this week. There is already talk of meeting up over the summer for home town open water swims and other events. I bet they stay in touch for a long time.

After dinner both Kerry and I did our slide shows. It's really hard to believe how much we packed into this week.

And would you believe it - they wanted to cram in a quick, early morning swim tomorrow! So I'm packed up - cameras all tucked away, clothes all tucked in except for a suit and pair of goggles. No photos tomorrow - just enjoyment of new friends and the water.

_HPP2057 _HPP2061 _HPP2099

_HPP2113 _HPP2121 _HPP2106

_HPP1389 _HPP1588 _HPP2094


This was my 13th SwimVacation in the BVI (of 15). Good weather, great swims, fantastic company. I'd say #13 was pretty lucky.

- Heather

ps. SwimVacation record: We didn't plug up the heads once! Not once!

PPS. Janine hus sent me this - my hand and Stella cat in my hatch. Our last BCPD!

Photo May 02, 7 11 04 AM I'll miss you Stella Cat!