Hawaii or Bust

I have a storage tub that lives in my closet. In it are my pack clothes for SwimVacation - a small assortment of t-shirts, a sarong or two, a pair of shorts. Swim suits. Except for summer time (the three weeks a year when I actually get to wear these clothes in Maine), this set of clothing is always folded and ready to throw in my suitcase, surrounding tons of camera equipment, as I head to the British Virgin Islands. Easy.

So, I'm heading to Hawaii this week on a scouting trip for the next expansion of SwimVacation (Yes, this is my job. Yes, it is nice.). We're starting pretty much from scratch and I will be hitting the ground running. I'll be concentrating on Kailua-Kona - the South Eastern shore of the Big Island, home to the IronMan triathlon, fabulous beaches and a famous night time snorkel with Manta Rays.

I've got 7 swims mapped and planned. I'll be looking at vacation rentals, a charter boat, talking to chefs and caterers, looking for a guy with van. Hopper insists I take a surf lesson and maybe do a bicycle tour and well he's the boss and I do as I'm told. Some of these meetings I already have scheduled, some of it I will make up as I go, following leads, making turns down roads I've never seen before. Basically, I've got to go see if this thing can work. We know there is great swimming in Hawaii, but can we put together an experience for our guests that fits what we do, our vibe, true to the original vision for SwimVacation?

This is my mission.

Back to the clothes and the packing and the pile that's always ready to go. I suddenly appreciate (even more) how much Yacht Promenade has become a home away from home for me. So many things Kerry & Bazza already have for us on board, so many bits of camera equipment I have deposited there for future trips - all of these things I need to pack for this new adventure (What? Shoes! Good God I need shoes!). So i took my basic kit and added to it a little. Ok, I added another whole bag. The only thing missing will be a fellow guide to help me carry it all.

So I'm off. I'm not sure where I'm headed or what awaits me when I get there but I know it will be a grand adventure. In the end, I hope I'll find that Hawaii is just right for the next stop in our growing roster of SwimVacation locations. Follow along - I welcome the company. Cheer me on or throw me ideas and questions - I'm ready to share the answers as I find them.

- Heather