Headed back to the BVI!


Our 21st trip to the British Virgin Islands starts this weekend, and Hopper and I are headed out of town tonight. Early tomorrow we'll board a plane in brown, cold Boston, and slowly slowly over the miles the water I see out the window will go from slate gray, to dark green, to light green to clear clear blue. We're kicking off our new relationship with Promenade's new owner Ken, who will also be our Captain. Can't wait to meet him and find our new groove together.

We have three SwimVacation veterans with us this week, Art (who was also on our last trip!) and Peggy & Greg who come back and make us better each time they do. Along with them we'll welcome 6 new SwimVacationers! So excited to get these newbies on board and show them what we do - how this week will be one of their best.

My bags are packed. I have 4 hours before Hopper comes to pick me up. I'll spend it folding some laundry and leaving the house neat for my family. We'll have pancakes for dinner - our tradition before I leave town - and I'll be on my way.

Stay tuned for our next post from the beautiful BVI. It's been too long, Caribbean! We're headed your way!

  • Heather