Back to it...

It snowed yesterday.

Fall came fast and hard and we were driven from the pond by cold water temps much earlier this year than last. I felt like I blinked and it was winter. I'm pale and cold and the chlorine in the pool is wrecking me.

I need a warm, blue sea.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up at 3:15, drive my frozen car a mile to pick up SwimVacation President Hopper. We'll drive to Portland to get on a bus that will take us to Logan Airport where we'll board a plane to Puerto Rico and wait on Air Sunshine to be ready to take us over blue and turquoise waters to the island of Tortola where we'll hail a cab to take us to a marina where Felix will pick us up in a dinghy and ferry us to our home for the week, SV Yacht will be a long long day, but I will hardly care as every inch I creep south, I will get warmer and warmer and be closer and closer to swimming in open water again.

I'm working on a film project about my work and decided it would be a cool idea to video record myself packing up my equipment spread all over the studio as I prepare for another SwimVacation. So today I set up my camera, hit record and packed it all up. There! Ready for SwimVacation! Pleased with my efforts, I sat down to review the footage....only to find I had not replaced the memory card and had not recorded a thing. I unpacked

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everything. Put in a card and I packed it again. I can assure you this is a mistake a photographer makes only once.

So tomorrow I head out twice packed and sure (double sure) that everything I need to guide and photograph this coming week's swimming adventure is with me. Our guests will need very little as they make their way to the islands - a few bathing suits and goggles and a few T-shirts and a pair of shorts. Traveling light is easy when you'll be living on a yacht in the Caribbean for a week....

Leaving is always a little hard. I kiss husband and son and steal away in the cold darkness...but adventure and guest swimmers await and I will come back a little warmer and a whole lot better for this experience, just like I always do.

Fly safe swimmers...we'll soon be splashing in for a week of swimming you'll never forget.

- Heather