Lady's Watch.



I have skinny wrists. And I don't prefer to wear a watch, but I have to wear one while on SwimVacation so I can see how long we've been swimming or if it's happy hour. If you pay attention to this type of thing, you may have noticed that men's watches have gotten BIG lately. Huge faces. Really thick. I tried one on recently and it looked like a 1953 Buick strapped to my wrist. So I buy watches made for women. They’re smaller. Sleek. Hydrodynamic. They come in more colors than black. Apparently, some women swim with watches because some are also waterproof, like the one I’m wearing now. So go ahead and poke fun, but I’m wearing the right watch for me. Oh, look it’s happy hour.

Not quite. The three guides assigned to this trip, Maury, Heather, and I are at gate C36 in Logan Airport waiting to board our flight to St. Thomas. We are drinking coffee, trying to defrost from the morning’s deep freeze, minus 4 degrees when we left Bath. We’re boarding soon. I’ll finish this from the Yacht Promenade at some point.




















Maury, Heather and I made it to the Promenade, anchored off Crown Bay Marina in St Thomas. Uneventful flight. The moon is huge. The winds are light. The difference in the feels-like temperature we experienced today between Bath, Maine and St. Thomas was about 80 degrees. A shock, in the best sense. Our boat, and to bed. A warm rise tomorrow.


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