Lift off.


_HPP6209 We got our swimmers in the water! We got our swimmers in the water! After two weeks of planning, finagling, adjusting, and re-jiggering, this trip is underway.

We started early, with Heather and I taking a ferry back to St. Thomas to meet our guests. The second I saw them, I KNEW everything was going to be ok.  After all of the changes we’ve told them about over the past two weeks, we hit them with yet another change after the 12:00 ferry turned into a 1:15 ferry. Caribbean time at its best. They rolled with it.

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Four of our nine guests this week are repeats. Paul, Jamie, Yafa, and Mark are some of our most loyal clients. This helps. A lot.  Our new guests, John, Frances, Ellen, David and Karen, proved to be gritty travelers. They all refused an offer of dramamine, they were mostly intent on getting in a swim. This we can do.


Living on a boat is not exactly like living in a home on land, but it’s closer than ever. These yachts we’ve chartered have massive staterooms, and one bathroom per stateroom. They’re easy to walk around, and have all the amenities of home. Still, there are things that need to be explained. Heather gave a great welcome talk. Captain Leila handled the plumbing talk.

It’s hard the explain the feeling of weight lifting off of my shoulders as we pulled away from the docks. The cloudy, rainy skies present for our ferry ride parted and the sun came out in full glory. The sea turned a was a brilliant blue.


As per plan, we motoed to Great Harbor, Peter Island. Safety talk and navigation clinic then Splash! It has never felt so good to jump in. Captain Chad mixed up some type of Banana drink yummy thingy, and Mo made amazing jerk chicken with rice and beans.

I’m heading back to Maine tomorrow, satisfied that this trip is in good shape. My travel itinerary:

Dinghy to Peter Island

Hike to Peter Island Ferry

Ferry to Tortola

Cab to Road town

Ferry to St. Thomas

Cab to airport

Plane to Boston

Bus to Portland

Drive to Bath, Maine.

These guests and partners of mine made it all well worth the trip. thanks.

Signing off and handing the blog back over to Heather tomorrow. I’m wishing these intrepid swimmers the best for this great week I know they have before them.


FullSizeRenderPS. Heather here...busy crazy day today getting our guests on these boats and these boats off the dock! I promise to get the camera in the water tomorrow! Stay tuned!