March 30: Day 5




Last wake up out in the islands. We got off to a slow start after last night's rage at Willy T's. We postponed our morning swim until we could move the boat to White Bay, Peter Island. No one seemed the slightest bit disappointed to sit and have another cup of coffee.


White Bay is a location we added to the SwimVacation roster only a few years ago and I find it now to be one of my favorite spots. It's a large bay with beautiful swims in either direction. We regularly see turtles, rays and squid here. In the corner of the lovely white sand beach is a thriving little reef that plays host to juvenile

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fish of all sorts. It was the perfect place to spend our last full day here.


The first swim was big, and the first half of it was into the wind and a brisk chop with a few whitecaps. Our guests are seasoned Caribbean swimmers now, so this didn't phase them. Lots of naps post-swim. Including me (Hopper), who took a pre-swim nap and a post-swim nap. Ohhh, Willy T's, why do you rock me so hard?

Dave, Carol Carr & Hank.

Second swim opposite direction in White Bay. More friendly wildlife. The last stretch of the last swim is always bittersweet on SwimVacation. Our guests linger in the water, not wanting to leave it.

Carol Salter, Mark & Yafa




Then onto guest Carol's birthday celebration! Cake, homemade ice cream, and champagne for the sail back to Road Town. We anchored in Road Harbour and both Kerry and I (Heather) played slideshows from this amazing week. We both went a little overboard on the photography - with conditions like that up at Anegada reef, how could we not? A little more dancing after dinner, and slowly everyone drifted below to pack and get ready for tomorrow's departure.


Carol's birthday celebration, complete with Promenade shaped cake and a boat load of cards from friends at home.

Admiral Kerry and Captain Bazza have once again played host to two straight weeks of SwimVacation adventures. They bring to this experience unparalleled knowledge of the islands, the remarkable weather (Thanks, guys!), great food and safe passage to our favorite swimming spots. But more than being our hosts, they have become part of our SwimVacation family. Quite simply, we couldn't do what we do here without them. On a personal note, i look forward to these two weeks I get to spend on Promenade each spring. I love to be part of the workings of this boat, and Kerry & Bazz make me feel very at home here. This year we were so lucky to have Felix and Lindsey with us - they helped lighten our load and added new energy to the weeks of swimming. My favorite part of hanging out on Promenade for two weeks? The unavoidable, inevitable madcap adventure I find myself in with my fellow photographer, Kerry Hucul. It usually involves us being somewhere we shouldn't, and usually requires a hasty retrieval by Bazza (with an eye roll or two). Kerry, for as much as I love to make photographs in these waters, I wouldn't enjoy it half as much without you out there with me. Thank you guys, for all you do.

Safe travels to our guests! You were so great!


Hopper and Heather