Moon Pools and Moody Muskmelon.


Wednesday March 11 _HPP6307





We guides typically go into Wednesday on guard. It’s always a fulcrum, this day. It’s the line of demarcation between who we were, and who we are. In a week of immersion that begins on a Sunday, by Wednesday, the ocean typically has pulled something from you. Sometimes that transitional day comes with drama or catharsis. I was mentally preparing for something like that when I woke up this morning.





Instead, this group got tighter, had more fun, made more memories. Perhaps the “moment” that this Wednesday brought was that everyone realized, consciously, that they are connected. Perhaps also they are recognizing that time is about to speed up.




The details: We started the morning at our anchorage at Mountain Point with an insane wind and rainbow. We decided to swim to the moon pool to check out the conditions, and in spite of the slop, I think this often treacherous spot was the calmest in the BVI today. Almost everyone made it in through the underwater tunnel into the pool. Hugs and laughter and high fives. After that, everyone decided they wanted a swim, which we did in a screaming wind. No one complained. Heads down. Dig deeper. Hit Prom, head back to Nod for another lap. Stick together.










A quick stop at Marina Cay for provisions and a bit of shopping for some, lunch, and we continued onto Guana. First, two interesting but totally unrelated facts:

1. John was at one time the Guinness World Book of Records holder for most chin ups in 12 hours. He did more than 1700. He also ran a sub three hour marathon at age 13, and has also run a mile in just over 4 minutes.

2. I have been struggling with an ear infection. Ellen cut into an old onion and made me put it to my ear for 20 minutes. It really helped. An onion. Who knew.



_HPP6329Ahhhh Muskmelon. She talks big with me, you know. Lots of fuss - a drenching squall, wind whipping as we passed beneath the Iguana head. Sea birds swirling ominously over a bait ball at the mouth of the Bay. Steely, patchy skies. Yes, Muskmelon, Yes. You are the boss of me. We all know it. We jumped into the bay for a magnificent swim. Stinging sea lice just a bit at the point. I like to think of it as a tax exacted by this place - The Muskmelon Toll. Fine. A tour of this wild realm is worth the price.

We hit the boats and everyone wanted more. More. So we swam more. More. Then there were cocktails, and soft pretty light that compelled me to make photographs of these wonderful people, then there was fantastic dinner - everyone smushed into the cockpit of Prom just to be near one another. Then there was skinny dipping, more laughter, and eventually thank yous and goodnight. This Wednesday tipped us from friends, to something more.

I’ll let my favorite photographs from the day say the rest.

- Heather