Ahhh. It feels like home away from home...

Kiss son goodbye (he's happily playing with cousins which helps with the goodbye), husband drops me to Logan. I'm wrestling with bags and check in machines, frustrated, suddenly I hear "What are you doing?". It's Will! Hi Will! Meet Megan, we connect almost instantly and Will knows he's doomed.

Fly to St. Thomas and I watch below as the water changes color over the hours. Storms spotting around the islands, we're dodging the drops and slaloming clouds. Land, step out the door to that first hot, humid breath. Ahhhh.



Standing in line for the loo, I'm behind repeat guest Alison for a full 5 minutes before either one of us realized it. "Hey you!" I hear. Big hug.

Alison and Ken are immediately immersed

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in an investigation into their missing bags, Will, Meg and I decide we have to rush to catch the last ferry to Tortola. We leave Alison and Ken with a plan, and climb to the open air deck. Hot. Windy. The ocean. So happy.

The sky is dramatic. We're taking it in. We arrive in Tortola and Will misses the photo op of me checking in with immigration at a desk that is only 4 inches shorter than me (seriously, why does that desk have to be so high?). We set off on foot to Village Cay Marina and as we get closer to the dock I break into a run....I can't wait to get on board and see my girls Kerry and Lisa...I leap from the dock to the boat deck and cannot believe my favorite swimming song is on the stereo (Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit - thanks Bill Drucis!) and out come Kerry & Lisa and we giggle and hug and cry and giggle and hug some more. Will and Meg are disgusted, but happy to be aboard.

So we're here. We've moved in, we've poked around and looked at some of the shiny new items aboard, mostly cool technical things. We drink cocktails and Kerry whips up dinner and we clean up. Kerry surprises me with some bars of dark chocolate - she remembered! We've already settled into a nice rhythm of laughter and making fun of Will. It's all working. We've made ourselves at home and now it feels like I never left.

We're getting our ducks in a row, coming up with a plan and reminding ourselves to stay flexible. In my years of sporadic boat work, the greatest lesson I have learned is that living and working with the sea is an exercise in taking stock of what you have right now, and making the most of it.

Tonight I'll sleep well - I always sleep best on a boat. Tomorrow we'll sleep in a little, tidy up and get ready to welcome our guests. What a week they have ahead of them.

- Heather