Skating to Saturday


Photo Dec 03, 4 01 57 PM  


Yes, this is a solid sheet of ice. Precarious. Yesterday, I was carrying my clothes for SwimVacation out to my studio for packing. I was slipping and sliding (I'd like to say skating but that would imply grace or even that I wasn't mostly close to falling) when in a jerky maneuver to save myself, I lurched, and my flip flops hit the icy deck. Flip flops on the ice. Ridiculous. I gotta go.





And here it is! Our traditional pre-trip equipment shot!

Trip Prep Pic


It's been a little over a year since we designed our new logo, so to celebrate, I put out the equipment in the shape of our SwimVacation sea star. There was so much stuff this year that it was a very large sea star, and to shoot it, I had to climb up high on a beam in my studio, perched there, and take two different pics and stitch them together. Precarious.

So in one, nasty winter day, I lurched and perched, both situations precarious, riddled with danger and cold, just trying to get away for SwimVacation. Get me to the sea. The warm, warm sea.

Notice at the center of our sea star is my newest photographic toy, I mean tool - A drone! We are going to make some amazing swimming and sailing photos and videos on this trip! Stay tuned for a look at SwimVacation from a whole new perspective.

All this stuff is packed now. T minus 32 hours and counting. I just hope I can make it to take off without breaking a hip. Why do I ever get out of the water??

The next time you hear from me, Hopper, Will and I will be unpacking all this stuff on board Promenade in the beautiful, warm BVI.


- Heather