Special Edition: Our Promenade Family


We at SwimVacation know only too well that we could not do what we do without our friends on SV Promenade. We started as their guests, but over the years, they've become to feel more like family.

Captain Bazza keeps us afloat and safe from harm. He strikes the perfect balance of letting us call the shots for our itinerary, but also helping us figure out where we can put our swimmers in the water with the conditions we need for every swim. He's a brilliant engineer and can build just about anything; for example, this ROV of which he built every single inch. Any time I've had any minor (or major) camera gear malfunction, Bazza always disappears into his Bazza boat cave and by the time he re-emerges, it's fixed. He's also damn good at dragging us around behind the dinghy on various water toys. Thanks, Bazz.




Admiral and Chef Kerry keeps us fed and well. She tries desperately to fatten us up, and if it weren't for all the swimming we do, she'd be pretty successful. She's a tell it like it is kind of gal, and I can always count on her for an honest, common sensical opinion. She's a fiend underwater and makes sure I get to do a lot of diving on SwimVacation. She's the best dive buddy a girl could have (even when she's being pooped on by a remora - see picture - for reals). Kerry is always up for a dinghy adventure, and makes the best loaf of bread around. Thanks, Kerry.





Lisa, or as we like to call her, Princess Lulu (and my other favorite dive buddy), has had plenty of SwimVacation experience from the days when she and her husband Rich used to run Promenade on K & B's off season. Lisa flew all the way from the UK to join us this week (didn't take much arm twisting - she's been drying up from lack of diving), and her help has been so critical to our success this week. She's a pro on the boat, and constantly kicks me out of the dishwashing line so that I can edit and blog. Her dinghy support was a great gift to Will and I in the water as we lead our intrepid swimmers through an incredible week of swimming. She's also good for a great hug. Thank you, Lulu.






On a personal note, it has been a real gift to me to be on Promenade with my two girls, Kerry and Lulu this week. And to dive with them both at the same time is a dream come true.






For all you do over the week, the hundreds of things that get noticed and the countless things that don't, we love you and thank you! We couldn't do this without you (but you know that).

xo - Heather