Special Edition: The Stern Line (many years in review)


If you've traveled with us to the BVI, you know that we typically begin our swimming adventure in Little Harbour of Peter Island. It's often uncrowded with calm bright blue waters, and we have our choice of places to park (the yacht). We usually take pole position right at the Northern end of the harbor, where there is a large boulder in shallow water. This bolder becomes our holdfast, and we loop a line from the stern of Promenade to it to keep us in place for the night. The "swimming of the stern" line has become an opportunity to break the ice on day 1 of SwimVacation. We pass this task off to the males of our guiding set, who have turned the event into an inadvertent style and fashion competition. Behold, the stern line swimmers of SwimVacation:

Latest Edition:

Dave, April 2014

_HPP1504 _HPP1505 _HPP1506 _HPP1507 _HPP1521




Will, November 2009

DSC_3219 Underweigh to Little Harbor, Peter Island

Hopper, April 2010

Day 1. Little Harbour. Day 1. Little Harbour.

Will, March 2011 (week 1)

_HPP3434 _HPP3448

Hopper, March 2011 (week 2)


_HPP4646 _HPP4657 _HPP4665


Fitzy, March 2012




Hopper, April 2012


_HPP0040 _HPP0049 _HPP0066


Hopper, December 2012




Will, March 2013

- Heather


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