Sunday: Time to Share the Aloha


Photo May 19, 3 19 44 PM Up early to the sound of the waves still pounding out the door. Surfers beat the morning light. We have much to do to prepare for the arrival of our guests.

Our local guard now guide, Ryan McGuckin arrives to run some errands for us, Hopper and i shuttle bikes and snorkel gear and awesome swag bags back and forth. We strategize, cover last minute details, make a million phone calls.

Photo May 19, 3 49 09 PM Photo May 19, 5 14 52 PM

One by one the come...we greet each guest with a beautiful lei of plumaria. Deliver them to their amazing home for the week.



A welcome talk. I get choked up describing to them what this island means to me, how carefully we have picked our partners in this experience. We are so glad to finally be sharing it with our guests.

Chefs Clare and Dan set to work, snacks, drinks, they prepare a dinner and knock it out of the park - sashimi. Salad with the most incredible local produce. An elegant dish of snapper not to be believed, with 3 different colored carrots! Wine perfectly matches these dishes. Dessert is lilikoi cheese cake. A home run.


Photo May 19, 5 17 01 PM _HPP5750

Guests trickle off to bed, Dan and Clare are making the kitchen spotless again. Hopper and I walk back to guide shack in the rain, please with the initial reaction of our guests. We've made them comfortable. Now we need to give them a swim.

Tomorrow, it begins.

- Heather

PS. Apologies for short post - it's late and i'm beat! More to report tomorrow....