SwimVacation Maine 2011 - Welcome to Maine


Gaffney on the dock.

Summer in Maine - this is our time of year. We leave the indoor YMCA pool sometime in mid-June and don't walk back in there till the end of September, if we're lucky. We Maine inhabitants are fortunate to have 3 glorious months of open water swimming. And we've got plenty of locations to choose from - either at the sea shore or in one of our many pristine lakes.

What did I just write? Three months of swimming in the sea and pristine lakes? Pinch me. We've known and celebrated Maine and its many open water swimming opportunities for a long time. It's high time we share.

Enter: SwimVacation Maine. We found an land-based version of our beloved Promenade in the BVI - an all-inclusive, private island resort in a clean, clear Maine lake. Tiny Joyce Island is home to Taconnet Resort, nestled in the woods and surrounded by Great Pond. Picture cozy private cabins, each with its own dock. Home made meals, delicious and plentiful, served up three times a day in the main lodge. Lots of room for swimming, relaxing, and celebrating all the great state of Maine has to offer.

Kids hit the water.

And family! The only hard part about traveling to the BVI 3 times a year is leaving my family behind. No worries this week - we SwimVacation guides have brought our families along, as have our guests. This place is a perfect place for family - kid friendly meals, summer camp activities, canoeing, sing-alongs, and of course safe swimming spots.

Hopper on deck.

Our guests checked in a few hours after we did, and we all gathered on Hopper and Cortney's deck for welcome and overview of the week. It's our first trip in our home state of Maine and we're so excited to share our passion for Maine's spectacular freshwater bodies with our swimming guests.

This intrepid group and their families will be the first to experience this new direction for SwimVacation. We hope they'll leave with a great sense of all Maine has to offer families who love the water.

- Heather