The Queen's Speech - Guest Janine Blogs Up.


Wednesday May 18 DSC00462Earlier today, Hopper said ’I invite eight to ten people to live on a boat for a week and go swimming. That’s it - really simple.’

Actually it’s not quite that simple….you need the right guests and the right guides and the right crew and somehow all of it turns to magic, everyone has fun.   Today was lovely - we started the morning splashing about on the backside of Peter….Peter Island that is, stretching out for a little swim to work out the kinks from yesterday’s David Barra “epic” swim….which we all signed up for.  This was followed by a sail across the bay to Norman island.  Little did I know that Norman would bring me what the ocean has been hiding from me for 4 years…the elusive spotted eagle ray. Sighted by Dave and Clare Barra simultaneously. Heather goes on and on about the beauty and grace of this mythical creature every trip (this is my fourth) but I have to admit as always she was right - this wasn’t marketing and hype.   Swimming in the same waters as this beautiful graceful creature, we are all very lucky people, few get to see this and even fewer get to watch the joy of Heather sharing this with you. Thanks Barras for spotting the spotted.


And is there any better way to follow up crossing  something off of  your bucket list than a trip to infamous Willy T’s.  For the 2nd week in a row tattoos were applied, this time to more than 1/2 the guests….mostly by the crew, a good time was had by all.


And that brings us to why I am writing today’s blog, because it was my day to say thank you to the universe for  these wonderful people who share their swim wisdom, laughter, dancing eyes & toes.  Today while light on miles it was heavy on the important things in life…and tomorrow we will once again swim, relax and repeat with our new and old friends - its why I keep coming back.


- Janine, SwimVacation guest and open water queen

(Thanks Janine! This is such a great reminder why we love what we do so much! - Heather and Hopper)