This group is gritty. We woke to a blustery morning in South Bay, Salt Island, the wind whipping over the hills. We plotted a swim course from the Promenade, anchored in the middle of the bay, to the mouth of the bay on the east side, then hugging the shore among the entire length of the bay to the West side, then back to Promenade. About 2 miles. When we completed the first leg, the wind was whipping water off the whitecaps, making it feel like it was raining. We guides put on our brightest smiles through this, and were rewarded with shouts of WOOOHOOOO from our SwimVacationers. The wind at our backs now, we buzzed around the bay to the other side, checking out lots of aquarium-looking fish, sea turtles, and rays. I caught guest Peggy glancing around for sight of her slightly less experienced husband, Greg, with a look that I recognize as quintessentially caring and spousal. The final leg back to the Promenade was choppy, and from atop our SUP, I could see the determination in all of their strokes.

Mark & Linda, Peggy & especially Greg enjoy our sail.

Mark, Shawn and Patty looking relaxed.

A lovely sail back to Road Town to pick up some provisions was combined with a back-alley photo shoot by Guide Heather. She captures some great behind-the-curtains images wherever she travels, sticking her head in an open door, meeting craftspeople, local folk who don't mind sharing their story and having their picture taken.

Hopper runs around colorful Tortola on a photo mission with Heather.

Another sail back to Peter Island, several guests enjoying the trampolines on the bow and the waves that sometimes crash over them. 2 tacks later we are anchored again, I get busy preparing tonight's meal; chicken and shrimp kebabs over dirty rice. Cooking for 13 people in a room the size of a closet is a fun challenge, and makes me appreciate the amount of meals Kerry has produced here over the years. Our evening swim was a simple out-and-back, I paced with guests Peggy, Greg, and Shawn, then scooted back to the Yacht to finish dinner.

Hopper talks race strategy with our swimmers under sail.

Fun on the trampoline during our trip across the channel.

It was stroke analysis night, led by Guide Dave. He is great at finding the one thing a guest can focus on to immediately improve their efficiency. He also discussed the psychology of long distance swimming, drawing from his experiences in the English Channel, around Manhattan, across the Catalina Channel, down the Hudson River, and across countless other waterbodies around the world. This guy is legit, and our guests soak up his advice.

We're thinking about pushing them even harder tomorrow….

- Hopper

White Bay, Peter Island always delivers on the sunsets.