Ready to Recharge

Packing up for SwimVacation always gets me excited, no matter how many times I go.


I finally figured out what my problem is. I'm solar powered.

I love my home in Maine, but I can't lie - come the end of March, I'm about stark-raving mad. I'm pale and tired and cold and I look like hell, no matter how much I've been working out or hanging with family and friends. Right

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now, I feel like my battery is at about 10%.

I've always known this about myself on some level, and it's no coincidence that I managed to land a job that gets me the heck out of winter for a few weeks every year...thank you SwimVacation.

This is my 10th SwimVacation and at this point my bags and equipment nearly pack themselves. I have an SV Go bag in my closet - a few t-shirts, bathing suits, sarong, flip flops. Turn it over into suitcase, snug underwater camera equipment into the cracks. Carefully pack cameras and lenses in carry-on #1, paper work, notebook passport and shades in carry-on #2. I have the same two photographs of my husband and son that go with me on every trip - they are lined with tape from being fixed to the walls of my crew cabin so many times. The packing has gotten so rote by now, I'm a little nervous I've forgotten something, what with my waning battery and all.

But the Yacht Promenade is my home away from home - she has everything I could want and no matter what, there will be sun.

A quick note about our Promenade family - sorry to say I won't get to have any mad-capped hijinx with my good friend Kerry Hucul this trip. She and and the Good Captain Bazza are home in California on solid land for a spell. At the helm is Kerry's son, Captain Chad Blake - I'm sure we'll get on great. Kerry is like family, so any kin of her's is ok in my book. We at SwimVacation are excited to meet Chad and set sail.

During my swim in the pool this morning, it occurred to me that in just a few days I'll be swimming in Little Harbour, Peter Island, gills submerged, solar panels exposed to the hot Caribbean sun.

I think I got a little charge just thinking about it.

Travel well, SwimVacationers! Not long now....

- Heather

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