Good morning BVI!

  The first wake up always makes me giddy....

Travel day always goes something like this:

Photo Mar 23, 8 09 26 AM





Wake up at ridiculous early o'clock. Grab bags (already packed of course) throw them in car in darkness. Turn car on to warm up, run back inside, kiss husband, kiss son (he says with closed eyes "Don't go!" oh sweetie!), grab coffee, put on winter hat, winter coat (it's cooooold out there!), run to car. Drive to airport, park, ditch hat and coat and walk bags to terminal in the cold. Ha ha winter, take your last bite out of me. I'm heading south...and getting warmer with every mile.



This trip down was a tricky itinerary with layovers in both Philadelphia and San Juan. Breakfast in Philly (raisin bran), lunch in San Juan (empanadaaaaaaaaahhhhh). I love a brief stay in San Juan - it gives me a chance to settle, transition, get acclimated Island Life. The air is warm and thick. Things slow down. I kick back for a few hours an feel myself begin to change gears. I buy a cool hat.

Photo Mar 23, 8 23 01 AM Photo Mar 23, 9 01 33 AM Photo Mar 23, 5 14 25 PM

The 17 mile flight to Tortola is always a treat - it's like an over view of the spots we'll be swimming this week. I get itchy for the sea. This trip I flew in at sunset - can't see our swim spots but I'm treated to a beautiful sky and twinkly lights along the shore and up into the mountains....I'm here.

Photo Mar 23, 11 12 13 PM

A bit of a wait at immigration in the heat and humidity and I feel winter dropping away from my body's memory. This island is already beginning to cure my winter woes - the battery begins to recharge.

Find our Guide-in-Training, Alina, roll the bags to C dock and find my home away from home, Yacht Promenade. Meet our new Captain Chad Blake, and crew member Jessica. Quick tour of the boat for Alina, quick bite for dinner, hit the bunks.

Morning comes and I have slept well - I never sleep better than I do on a boat, even one at dock. Stretch, walk out into the bright bright morning sun.....

Ok. Our guests will be here in 90 minutes and there's still plenty to do to prepare. I've left Maine, but also have come home to a part of myself I leave to the islands for safe keeping. It's so good to be back.

It begins!

- Heather