There is almost nothing I like more than flying over the Caribbean sea. I especially love flying into the BVI’s - figuring out which island is what, remembering the great swim we did here or there, seeing it from the air. At long last, today was that day.

I met up with fellow guide Tim Fitzpatrick (Fitzy to us) in San Juan. We miraculously were transferred to an earlier flight on Air Sunshine and got to Tortola with time to sit, eat lunch, and really let it sink in that we’re here. Here’s a pic of Fitzy flying the plane (not really).

Before long we’d met up with Mark from CA (SwimVacation Nov 09 Alum) and then Paul from the DC area. Next we found Charmine (also from DC) and then J & Sandra (Austin). We set out for dinner at Village Cay Marina, where we met Alison & Ken (Buffalo NY), followed by Nancy (DC area) and finally Gary & Marianne (CO). Almost instantly the group gelled. We made a few introductions and they were happily socializing and laughing all through dinner. Stories were shared, lots of talk about swimming. Normally it takes our guests a day or two to unwind from the real world, but this group came ready to vacation.

All our chicks are tucked into their beds for the night. Tomorrow morning we’ll hit a local beach for a splash before picking up our third guide for the week, Will. By noon we’ll all be aboard and headed for our first swim of the trip. Caribbean blue water, diving pelicans, puffy white clouds over head, teeming reef life below...the freedom of open water.

Welcome, friends! You’re on SwimVacation!

- Heather