Day 1



The weather, perfect. The water, perfect. The swimmers, chomping at the bit to get wet.

A slow start - everyone slept in a little, slept away the jetlag and came up for coffee. The reports from all were “I slept like a rock”. That’s what we like to hear!

We moved to Brandy WIne Bay for a splash around while we waited for Guide Will to arrive. Here we had the first of many exciting SwimVacation moments as Charmine made her first entry and swim in open water! Her first comment on hitting the water? “It’s salty!” Congrats Charmine, and now she’s off and swimming. Chef Kerry jumped in with us and instructed a few on the collection of Conch, which were promptly cleaned by Bazza, set to steep by Kerry to be served as fritters tomorrow!

Collected Will, ate a fabulous lunch including Kerry’s ridiculously good home made buns, pulled anchor and headed off under sail (Guest Gary at the helm!) to our first swim location - Little Harbour on Peter Island. A quick navigation clinic, a leap and the group was in for their first official SwimVacation swim. Little Harbour didn’t disappoint. We all swam various distances andvarious paces, and all came back to the boat happy with the swim.

A Spotted Eagle Ray hung around the boat for a while, and everyone got a great view of him. Marianne saw squid. Two great wildlife sitings for our first swim. Up to cocktails - three pitchers of Bushwackers thank you very much, and now we await a fantastic dinner of BBQ’d ribs. Fitzy’s at the grill, the group is in the cockpit, socializing and getting to know one another, celebrating a confident start and surrounded by a beautiful blue sea.

A toast, given by our new friend J from Austin, a favorite of his:

“Come my friends, ‘tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order, smite the sounding furrows. For my aim is true, to sail beyond the setting sun, into the western stars, until the day I die.” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Well said, J. A fitting start to what will no question be a great adventure.