Day 1


What a strange day I had yesterday - said goodbye to new found swimming friends in the morning, helped Kerry & Bazza get the boat ready for our next charter, picked up my best bud Hopper, met our guest Total Immersion Coach, Kim Bade, and welcomed our next group of SwimVacationers. I have really grown to admire boat crews, and in particular Kerry & Bazza, for all they do to make sure people have a smooth vacation. So much of the hard work they do goes totally unseen. I’m enjoying my time with them, and have a new appreciation for how good they are at what they do.

Our new group of swimmers trickled in from Saturday afternoon through this morning. What didn’t trickle was the poured. We sat under an awning at Village Cay Marina awaiting our last two guests, and laughed about the rain, hoping it would clear up before we had to move.

It did, and we had a relatively dry ride back to Promenade for the official start of our charter. We headed out to Little Harbour, where it poured again, then miraculously cleared as the sea turned to glass. Hopper jumped in to bring our stern line to shore (possibly my favorite thing to watch on each trip)and broke the ice with one of his many wacky suits. We jumped in to play and explore on the reef beneath the boat. A spotted eagle ray cruised around - i think it was the same one that welcomed us here last week. We poked around and played in the warm blue sea.

Back on the boat for a quick swim briefing including sighting and navigation tips, and then into the water for our first real swim. We circumnavigated the harbor, then cut back across to the Promenade, where banana coladas awaited us.

We have an interesting group on board this week - almost all solo travelers with varying levels of ability and goals for their open water swimming experience. What they all share is a passion for the water and an openness to what this week will bring. I can’t wait to see where we end up by the end of the week.

We’re anchored in Great Harbour, Peter Island for the night. Our morning swim will be one of my favorites here in the BVI (yes yes Alison, I DO say that a lot!). I’m looking forward to sharing it with our new swimmers. It’s great to be here for week two!

- Heather.