Day 2


Monday means something different on SwimVacation. No meetings, a commute by sail, and a couple of swims in clear blue water.  It often marks the start of some big changes that happen to people when they get some exercise, some sun, perhaps a cocktail, and a bright red sunset.  Today we noticed our guests starting to relax, opening up, to each other, to the ocean, to the experience. I see it most in the difference between the way they enter the water on day one and day two. On day one, they are timid. They’re not sure if they should jump or dive in. Should I wait? Should I go? Most make a hesitant leap into the turquoise beneath them and come up with a hint of surprise - how salty it is, how buoyant they are, how far down they can see. On day two, the body language changes on entry. They leap or dive into the water with purpose and confidence. Yes. I belong here now.

We changed habitats from coral shoreline to mangrove rookery for our evening swim. Upside-down jellyfish (harmless, we played with them in our hands), a cocky pufferfish, a baby eel all made appearances. We get a sense for how special a place the Virgin Islands are when we explore these environments. 

Guests asleep in their beds now, the yacht rocking gently back and forth in the Caribbean breeze.  2 guides still awake writing the blog. zzzzzzzzz.

- Hopper and Heather.