Day 4


On every SwimVacation we have a day when a challenge sneaks up on us and everyone rises to the occasion. Today was that day.

Normally Wednesday is our single swim day - we give our swimmers the afternoon off from good long swims and let them play. Not so for this group - they did TWO swims before lunch!

We started the day in Oil Nut Bay, where we had anchored for the night. A few got up early and dinghied to shore for an early morning run. The views atop the hill were awesome, and they got a great shot of the Promenade sitting stately in the bay. On their return we jumped in for a swim around the bay - the shallow water and sandy white bottom dotted with coral heads and stingrays offered a lovely change of scenery below the surface. When we got out around the point, we cruised along a reef a bit, then cut in to the shore for an impromptu buoy turn clinic. Finally we headed back to Promenade against formidable current. Just a few days ago, many of our swimmers would have shied away from a swim like that. But today, they dug deep and made it in. 

In particular, Marianne found a new gear, new speed and new strength. I pushed her hard and she had a fantastic swim into the boat.

We pulled anchor and headed out to Necker Island, where a few of us made a dive at the Invisibles, and the rest of the gang decided to swim out to Richard Branson’s private sand spit off his famous island. They dove in thinking they’d enjoy a nice paddle across the lagoon. Instead, they found themselves fighting against a strong current again - it was like swimming on a treadmill. Once again, our swimmers pulled hard, and made the destination. Some even went back out for more, and before they knew it had done a second solid swim. They returned to the boat elated - and hungry!

Lunch. A long spinnaker sail to Muskmellon Bay at Guana Island, during which our swimmers embraced the “Relax” in our motto “Swim. Relax. Repeat.”. Everyone slept. They’d earned the rest. When we arrived, out came the pull toys. Lots of silly, splashy fun on The Couch of Doom.

Will talked stroke technique while Fitz grilled us an awesome pile of steaks, and we ate and talked more shop. All raised a glass to the breakthroughs made today.

So in a day when we planned to swim a little, rest a little, and play a lot, this group swam a lot, rested a lot, and played a lot. They just can’t get enough. These days have been full indeed.

Around the dinner table tonight, something had changed - a group of folks who’d become friends on a boat, suddenly seemed to be a little closer. Facing a challenge (or two) together can really bond a group of swimmers. I feel so lucky to watch it happen on every SwimVacation.

Sleep well, everyone. More adventures tomorrow.

- Heather