Day 3


Ahhhh, The Baths, Virgin Gorda. One of my favorite places on Earth, and a lovely view to awake to this morning.

The day began with underwater video taping of each swimmer’s strokes. Our experts Fitzy and Will will be pulling our swimmers to the computer one by one for a personal stroke analysis. Past clients have said that this kind of assessment has been so valuable not only to their swimming in the BVI, but also on the way they swim back at home.

Next, a leisurely swim through the boulders along the shore line. We ended at what must be the world’s most perfect beach. We sat, taking it in, chatting about how cool this all is. I swear everyone is a different color on this beach - they can’t help but be free of any cares.

Back to Promenade for breakfast of eggs benedict, followed by the equally stunning walk through the mysterious granite boulders for which The Baths is famous.

During our tranquil sail up the coast to Mountain Point, some napped, some took in the scenery. We moored and a few of us made a quick dive, entertained by a small hawksbill turtle. Our afternoon swim took us from the Moon Pool around into the bay. The swim ended with a full grown Spotted Eagle Ray dropping by for a spin. It is so amazing to swim above such a majestic creature.

Cocktails underway to Oil Nut Bay where we anchored for the night. Will, Fitzy and I started up a pre-dinner dance party to work off the Banana Coladas from cocktail hour. It was fun and silly and by the time we were exhausted, a fantastic fish dinner was

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on the table. Thank you, Chef Kerry!

As I move around the boat, I catch bits and pieces of conversations between our swimmers - folks who, only 4 short days ago had never met, and now are bound together by their passion for being in the open water. They talk about how good a swim felt, how they never imagined a swim like this one or that, how they couldn’t have dreamed of a better, active vacation. They encourage each other and take note of progress. It feels immensely satisfying for Will, Fitzy and I to know that we are helping these intrepid swimmers to exceed the expectations they had for themselves. That’s what SwimVacation is all about.

Tomorrow? We’ll change it up a bit and have water fun of another kind....I’m sure there will be plenty of photo-ops for the blog.

- Heather