Day 4


Staying flexible....Baths not possible today, so we went to another of our favorite swim spots - Guana Island. We decided it was time for a big swim that would allow this crew to show themselves how far they’ve come in half a week. We started in Monkey Bay and plotted out 3 courses for our swimmers to choose from. The long course was about 3 miles, medium about 2.5, and 1 mile for the short course. Wind at our backs, we glided through amazingly clear blue water, stretching out our strokes.

Kim from Total Immersion paid some one-on-one time to several guests who were still digesting the changes she is having them make to their freestyle.

Back at the Promenade, eggs benedict. The afternoon slowly filled in with a hike along a ridge on Guana, scuba diving, snorkeling, napping, and reading. Guest chef Hopper began his culinary duties by making pirate punch from a recipe that dated back to the 1700s. The punch bowl was dipped into, and some guests made funny faces. The ice melted a little, which improved things. Happiness. One guest suggested the punch could be used to kill lionfish, an invasive species down here.

Chicken caesar salad, who doesn’t like chicken caesar salad? Nobody on this boat. It was gone in 15 minutes. Cheesecake followed, but our guests didn’t swing into dance party mode this time. Sun, swimming, fun, and pirate punch had most of them below decks by 10:00. More fun here tomorrow here in Muskmelon bay, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

- Heather and Hopper.