Day 5

We woke up in Muskmellon Bay to a bright beautiful warm sunny awesome day. Before I go any further, a note on how we do breakfast on SwimVacation: there are two. The first one is rather simple; yogurt, toast, fruit, coffee. Then we swim. After we swim, we place our orders for hot breakfast; omelets, scrambles, pancakes, bacon, sausage aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
Back to our morning. We plotted a deep-water swim across Muskmellon Bay for the long distance swimmers, and a swim along the reef for the short distance. The deep water swim provided some infinite blue moments, where you feel like you are suspended in a liquid outer space. You feel both small and insignificant compared to the ocean, yet strong and powerful as you churn through your strokes. The reef portion of the swim provided views of large schools of tarpon, colorful coral heads, volcanic rock formations, and plunging pelicans.
We weighed anchor next, heading for the Baths on Virgin Gorda; a massive jumble of giant granite boulders at the edge of a string of sandy white beaches. First, a hike through the boulders. Then steak and chicken burritos for lunch. The swim here is something special. Imagine a typical swimming pool; black lines on the bottom, chlorine, concrete, etc. Now imagine the opposite. The Baths is a swimmers dream; a maze of partially submerged boulders teeming with fish. Over the years, swimvacation guides have plotted courses through the maze, making for the most exciting swim on earth. It’s like your body is a racecar and you are zipping through an Italian village with narrow lanes. It’s unbelievable.

Up with the anchor, hoist the spinnaker, and a smooth sail all the way to Norman Island. Hopper dug out the leftover container of pirate punch from last night, added coconut (thanks, Zahra), pineapple, more rum, and nutmeg. 7 pitchers later, the gang was

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rocking the ipod with old Yaz tunes. Our most intrepid guest challenged the group to stay awake until 10:30. Negative. The guides are still working, though. Time to swab the decks and batten down the hatches.

- Heather and Hopper