Guides Arrival


We're here! We're here! Elaine and I caught a red eye from Boston to San Juan, and had 10 hours to kill before we could make the hop to Tortola. We were all big talk about big plans for zany adventures in San Juan, but the truth is we were exhausted from the overnight flight and crashed in the airport hotel. No sense starting our week of adventure with a sleep deficit!

Later in the day we met up with Guide Fitzy and the three of us loaded into the puddle jumper to Tortola. My favorite flight in the world.

Cab to Village Cay, and our driver was kind enough to make a quick stop so we could enjoy a St. Patty's day beer for the road (Nothing for the driver, Ting for me, thanks!). We messaged Promenade and good Bazza came to collect us in the dinghy. It was great to introduce Elaine to our Promenade family, and this boat that has become our home away from home.

Great night's sleep. Busy morning getting ready for the arrival of our guests at noon. Tick tock, it's almost time. By this afternoon we'll be lunching and swimming in Little Harbour. Hooray! We're on SwimVacation!.