Packing up for Back to Back SwimVacations


Wouldn't you know it? Just as I'm getting (gleefully) ready to

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head south to the beautiful BVI, Spring arrives here in New England. I so like the contrast of leaving in the snow and arriving to the sun, the warm blue water. The upside of this weather on the eve of my departure is that I feel much better about leaving my family and friends least they won't be wrapped up in blankets reading of our upcoming adventures....!

So I've been packing this week. It starts as a giant pile I just add to as the week goes on, and then in one concerted effort, I organize it and stuff it all into two dense bags. It's....a lot. But I'm the team photographer traveling with my weight in equipment. That's not YOUR story my friends....oh no. You've thrown a few bathing suits in a duffle bag, two pairs of goggles, a few t shirts and a pair or two of shorts, your toothbrush, your passport, and YOU are packed and ready to be on your way. Breezing through the airport security line, you will already feel lighter. You'll be leaving the world behind you with every step you take toward the gate, with every mile you fly, ever southward to the beautiful blue Caribbean.

Yes. The time is coming for you to go! Sleep well friends. Not long now.

More to come!

- Heather