Maine 2011 - Day 3


A few early risers this morning ran the trails from cabin to cabin, criss-crossing the island and stopping for wind sprints by the tennis court. It's clear we've tuckered the kids out last few days - they all slept in this morning, except for little Ben, who was spotted fishing pretty early on the dock with his Dad.

We managed a quick swim lap around the island before the breakfast clackers sounded - we refueled with omelets and sausage and the usual fresh fruit. Our big morning swim was another triangle course, taking our time and paying close attention to stroke mechanics and technique. There is no better way to improve your stroke than to see it recorded, talk about it, then get right back in and work on what can make it better.

Our last afternoon here - I can hardly believe how fast these 3 days have gone. Knowing we're leaving tomorrow makes me want

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to run around and put time in on every hammock, check the view from every deck, swim one more lap around Joyce Island.






For our afternoon swim, we did some relays with the kids. I took some underwater pics of our swimmers this week and of course the kids - what a gift to be able to bring them to a place like this. They've known nothing but starting and ending their days with swims in a beautiful lake, filling the time in between with walks and crafts and games and relaxing with Moms and Dads. The Way Life Should Be, indeed.

Our afternoon relays evolved into pure water play - Gaff and Finn put on SwimVacation caps and plunged in again and again. Cortney and Liv practiced their crazy dock jumps as Hopper floated around on a raft. We stayed out on the deck for happy hour before dinner (aka "Happy Time" - thanks, Finn!), and we all toasted what has been a fantastic new adventure.

One last dinner in the main lodge - steak and potatoes and chocolate something knock your flip flops off. Kids hit the sack, grown ups stayed up for a few hands of cards. As I tuck into my bed and shut off the light, I'm amazed at how still and peaceful it is here in the woods. How good that there are places like this left in the world, and for us, not even all that far away.

We're leaving in the morning. We're all going home a little fitter, both body and mind. This island and its surrounding waters had a lot to offer and we took every last drop. We used our bodies and quieted our minds. We reconnected with each other and our environment. How could a vacation be any better?

- Heather