Maine 2011 - Day 2


A girl could get used to this...

We all slept like children (and the children slept like babies - really sleepy babies) in the quiet of Great Pond. A handful of us got up early for a run - we paddled across to the mainland and ran up to the fantastic Phillips mountain trail - rugged, but short and scenic. Guide Cortney led guests Chris and Scott in a running ascent, while I ran until it got steep and then relaxed into a leisurely hike (this is a vacation, after all).

Breakfast was pancakes...lots and lots of pancakes. With blueberries* and other stuff. Kids off to camp at 9, and we plotted a triangle swimming course from our dock across to the mainland, to a piney point and back again - about 1 mile total. Little Ben (3) wasn't in the mood for crafts at the lodge this morning, so Dad Scott paddled him along in the canoe while Mom Tara swam the course. After the swim, we did some video taping of everyone's stroke, for later analysis with Hopper.

Lunch was yummy soup and home made bread - the kids opted for peanut butter and jelly (Gaff went for the fluff variation - way to go Gaff!). A bunch of us hung around on the spacious lodge deck after lunch, chatting with other guests. Many of these folks have been coming in large family groups for generations and have wonderful stories to tell about endless summers here at Taconnet. They all admitted however, that in all of their time here, they've never quite seen a group make such good use of the water! They've enjoyed seeing us out swimming, making the most of what Great Pond has to offer. These "regulars" are so friendly and welcoming to our SwimVacation group, and we are realizing how lucky we are to become part of the Taconnet family. I can't imagine a better setting for what we do.

Hopper and Tara review her stroke videoHopper sat down individually with our swimmers to review their stroke videos, finding points where they can make tweaks to improve efficiency.


Our afternoon workout was a SwimVacation first, and something we only could have done here - a swimming-circuit training course. We charted a swimming course beginning at our dock and continuing on with stops at 4 other floating docks before returning. At each stop, we climbed out and did some exercise - push ups, squats, planks, crunches - it was tiring and fun and challenging. The kids joined in on various exercises, and cheered us on as we swam between stations. At the end of the hour, we'd had a great workout, and a ton of fun.

Changed into dry clothes and headed to Hopper and Cortney's deck for a much deserved happy hour, feeling pretty happy with ourselves and pretty hungry. Snacks and laughter. Kids ran up to the main lodge to pick up clackers to announce dinner - taco salad with all the fixings, followed by fantastic cheese cake - honestly, we're in the woods. On an island. Where do they come up with these amazing ingredients?!

We're all pretty whooped tonight - not much activity past dinner. Everyone was in their cabins pretty early. Tomorrow is our last full day here, and the weather promises to be great yet again.

It's been a very Maine-y Monday...sun and water and woods and fun. How has this lake been kept secret for so long?

- Heather

*No place better than Maine for blueberry pancakes.