Spring 2010

Hello Future SwimVacationers!

The waiting list for our sold-out March SwimVacation trip was getting long, so we decided to add another trip: May 9-15, 2010. This will be a great opportunity to get ready for your open water season, your triathlon season, or to just enjoy a fantastic week of swimming and relaxing in the Caribbean.

You can link to our online registration page below. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.




Register now for our May 9-15 trip

There are two ways to register: the first is by personal check/U.S. mail. Click here for the form. The second method is with a credit card via our online registration site; just click on the tab below.

The trip includes 7 days on a big sailing yacht in paradise, 2 guided swims per day, the camaraderie of fellow swimmers, all food and drinks, and more fun than you probably deserve.

Swimmers get hungry.....

In our younger days, many of us refueled with 5 slices of pizza and three jelly doughnuts, but our tastes are now a bit more refined. On SwimVacation, we enjoy 3 freshly prepared meals daily. We usually have 2 breakfasts; one cold, pre-swim, and one hot, made to order, post swim. Lunch is casual but tasty, and dinner knocks your socks off;  seafood scampi, grilled steaks, Carribean dishes, and fresh salads are just some of the amazing meals that Chef Lisa prepares each night.

November 09' SwimVacationers conquer BlackBeard's Challenge.

Sometime in the early 1700's, Edward Teach, a.k.a. BlackBeard, while cruising the Virgin Islands, stranded 15 of his mutinous crew on Dead Chest Island with only a sword and a bottle of rum.  After finishing the bottle, these pirates tried to swim the 1/2 mile to Peter Island. They all perished, washing up in what is now known as Dead Man's Bay.  Our salty SwimVacationers tried their luck at the same swim, and all were successful. Click here for a map of the swim. We'll do this again on our Spring trips if conditions permit.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about SwimVacation. We can be reached at swimvacation@me.com or (207) 975-5489. There is also lots of information on our website at www.swimvacation.com


Hopper McDonough