Swim into the Blue


Dear future SwimVacationers,

Imagine swimming in clear, blue water over a colorful reef where sea turtles swim gracefully beneath you. Then, hopping up on a big sailing yacht, you are greeted with a warm towel and a plate of pancakes. Later, the evening swim is along a white sand beach, and there's a cocktail and a beautiful sunset waiting for you. In-between, there's snorkeling, reading,

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hiking, sailing, napping, water skiing, freediving, maybe more napping. This is a typical day on SwimVacation. Tough life.

There are precious few spaces left on our March 27 to April 2 trip. Register now to get a spot.



Full Group Charters

Can't make one of our regularly scheduled trips? Just gather a group of 5 to 10 swimmers for a custom SwimVacation. Rates are very reasonable for groups, and we can customize the trip to fit your every need; meals, drinks, activities, etc. Ideal for Masters teams and Triathlon clubs. Several weeks are available in 2011. Contact us for a price quote and a schedule of available weeks.

Non-Swimming Companions

We pride ourselves in our ability to cater to the non-swimming companions of our swimming clients. In fact, almost all of our trips since 2007 have had at least one non-swimmer. None have been disappointed. There are lots of activities both on and off the yacht, but many non-swimming companions choose to simply kick back and read a book during the brief periods that the swimmers are putting in a mile or two.

Featured Creature: The Sea Turtle

Of all of the marine creatures we are fortunate enough to see regularly on SwimVacation, the one that probably gets the most smiles and shrieks of delight is the Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). They are fairly curious and move slowly enough so that we can swim along side one for a few minutes at a time. We usually see mid-size adolescents who hang out in the coral reefs adjacent to turtle grass beds, where they typically feed. Their mottled shells can camouflage them on the reef, but once they're swimming, flapping away with their front flippers, they are pretty hard to miss. In spite of their Endangered Species status, we see Greens on many swims throughout our week in the BVI. Another SwimVacation regular is the Critically Endangered Hawksbill turtle (E. imbricata imbricata), distinguishable by its marbled shell lined with pointy scutes and hawklike beak. Having a swim with a sea turtle is just one of the many benefits of swimming in secluded bays and harbors, as we are so fortunate to do on a typical Swimvacation.

Free "Hotel Night" aboard the Yacht Promenade on the eve of your trip

This year we are offering a free stay on the Yacht Promenade the night before your trip begins. This allows you to avoid a costly hotel stay, gets you right on the water, and lets you mingle with the guests and crew. (Bed only; full service starts at noon on the first day of the trip).

Feel free to contact us with any questions at SwimVacation@me.com.

Come back better!