Thursday - Full of food, full of fun

It was a great first full day at Taconnet. Roberta, Laurie and Charles joined Heather, Hopper and me for our morning ritual swim around the island. Early morning on a lake is almost always the quietest part of the day. Overcast skies and cool temperatures kept even the birds and insects still this morning. As I swam at the front of the line past camp after camp, I imagined many Taconnet guests just waking up to the soft splash of six swimmers out for a cool morning stretch. Though most SwimVacationers slept in (I might have been jealous), all were eager to join us for swimming and fun later in the day. After eating too much for breakfast

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and digesting not enough, we suited up for our first group swim. Spend five minutes with this diverse group and you sense they are pretty much up for anything. Heather filmed everyone looking for stroke tips before we headed out for our big morning swim. Hopper and Cortney lead group A on a long triangle swim while I led group B around the bend to one of many floating docks. Everyone seemed to make the swim their own and swam more than they had thought they might. Taconnet didn't disappoint for lunch. Potato soup and BLT's warmed us nicely.








We all broke off to our individual camps after lunch for a bit of rest and island relaxing. Tom, Nancy, Drew, Courtney, Allie, Tori, Roberta and Laurie joined guide Cortney for a core workout on the green. It proved to be a challenging, invigorating experience that warmed everyone up for our afternoon swim.










The afternoon swim was the highlight of the day. Everyone participated in a wacky float to float swim with mandatory goofy race starts off the floats. Turns out our guests know how to spaz out! A great group bonding experience with lots of laughs. My favorite moment came near the end as we all watched Nancy and Heather climb onto the final float and engage in some sort of stroke talk. One of Nancy's charming daughters said aloud what we were all thinking and said, "What are Mom and

Heather doing?" Tori chimes in… "It looks like Heather is teaching her archery!"








Some guest highlights for the day...



Laurie was an otter today. Giddy, playful sleek and happy to be on vacation and swimming!

Charles ate up the wind and chop today. Another wave player.






Courtney is rediscovering her speed, giving Hopper and I a run for our money.






Roberta claimed to be tired after the morning swim, but core got her fire burning and she brought it home hard on the final swim.






Tori kept us laughing, swam hard, and opened her eyes to look at the lake bottom today. Gaining confidence by the hour!








Drew has an AMAZING backflip off the float. We all gasped in surprise.






Allie has an equally lovely front flip.

Brent discovered the paddle board today. Give him a life saving course and we'll make him a guide!





Nancy came to embrace the opportunity to jumpstart training for her five mile race in October and was the most determined swimmer out there today.

Tom is the best student out there and gets noticeably better each swim.


It has been an overcast, cool day that Maine can throw at you any day of the week. More sun tomorrow would be welcome, but this group doesn't need it.

- Dick