Wednesday - Fluff & Guests!

The morning started for me with a peaceful kayak trip,  a quiet commute off island to my road ride. I was back via kayak by 0700, to find Hopper on a SUP board, Heather taking pictures and kids merrily jumping off the dock. (I believe Dick was hitting the coffee pretty hard at this point…) Then to breakfast, getting to know our island mates, many of whom have been coming here for generations of family vacations.   

Morning swims

Our children are singing all day - about swimming in the morning, crafts at "kids' camp" and peanut butter and fluff at noon.  What could be better? Sharing this opportunity!! The guests arrived throughout the afternoon, joining our camp in progress. After a greeting, some history and a safety talk from Hopper, we invite the gang to jump off of our dock for a swim to Blueberry Island.  Everyone was game, one of the most important ingredients to being a SwimVacation guest, and we headed out. The evening was glorious, the water pristine and the wind kicked up enough to keep things interesting. Each swimmer chose their distance and at the end one went back for more, but all were satisfied.


Guides practice on the stand up paddle board (SUP) and manage to have a little fun before folding our guests into the mix

Laurie and Charles from Arlington, MA came ready for cold water and seemed pleasantly surprised by the warm temperatures. Next was Roberta from Boston, who was clearly comfortable swimming open water and happy to be in Maine. They are all clearly experienced swimmers, open water and pool. Then Nancy and Tom, along with five "children"  (ages 23-12).  Nancy knew what she was in for and relished it, the kids jumped on the challenge for adventure's sake and Tom seemed to learn a lot about open water swimming in his first "quick" swim.


Welcome meeting, our guests get ready for their first swim

Then to family dinner - an outdoor BBQ, delicious and served outside. There was some "getting to know you" talk and the promise of two+ fun filled, play hard/ work hard days. The loons are telling me it's late. I'll turn in to be able to rise for a day of action, filled with people of the same mind set. Phew!


Happy faces after our first swim!.