Day 2


A full and fabulous day. We awoke in Great Harbour on Peter Island to a beautiful sunrise. Oohs and ahhs all around. Coffee and a cold breakfast and we were in. A long circumnavigation of the harbor ending in our traditional visit to the water playground, where there is a water trampoline and floating iceberg. The sea life along the way was spectacular, with schools of silver sides, puffer fish, a sea turtle and more. I love this water playground, and at this hour of the day no one is there and we always make it our own. Suddenly we’re all eight years old again, bouncing around. We

finished the reverie and set out on a challe nging swim back to the Promenade across the harbor. Our swimmers put their heads down and dug in - it was our first choppy, windy

swim, and they all felt good about having made it.

Nancy had set a goal for herself to become comfortable swimming in rough open waterconditions. She accomplished that in a mere 36 hours. Sounds like Nancy needs to set a new goal!

We finished a hot, made-to-order breakfast and headed over to the Wreck of the Rhone, where some snorkeled and a few swimmers did a dive. Around the corner to Salt Island. Some hiked, a few made another dive (not enough time in the water yet apparently!) and on to our afternoon swim past the Manhead and to the end of the island. J and Sandra made the journey by kayak.

Cocktail hour was Bushwackers and Conch fritters under sail to the Baths. Our dinnerfeast included a cake with sparklers for Guide Fitzy who turned 47 today. We loveyou Fitz!

Our swimmers are in for a real treat at the Baths in the morning. They’re all tucked in now - we pretty much wore them out today. As he went to bed, Paul commented that this was one of the best days of his life. Hang on Paul, we’ve got 4 more to go!

- Heather